Environmental Department

The Environmental Department has existed since 1995. A model air quality monitoring program has been developed with real-time on the internet.

The Tribe has recently completed the construction of a solid waste transfer station. Transfer station roll-bins and home trash containers will soon be received and the operation of the transfer station will begin.

A $1.2 million dollar grant from the U.S. EPA combined with Indian Health Service funding has been received. This funding is needed to build a drinking water treatment facility that will remove arsenic from the water for a healthier community and also to meet new U.S. EPA drinking water regulations.

There are serious financial concerns regarding the operation and maintenance of the solid waste transfer station and the arsenic removal facility. Current charges for drinking water and trash service are approximately $15.00. The projected cost increase once both facilities are in operation is $65.00 monthly.



The cleanup of unexploded ordnance from the Navy bombing range continues to haunt the Tribe. Many bombs lie underground on the Reservation that has been “inadvertently” dropped. A surface cleanup has been conducted but a recent survey revealed many unexploded bombs still remain on the Reservation. The Navy has never had permission to drop ordnance on the Reservation near Bravo-19. This continues to be a legal and technical burden for the Tribe. The Tribe tries to plan for remediation of the area that poses a serious safety hazard to anyone that may venture into this area that has no warning signs or fencing.


The WRPT Environmental Department is accepting your unwanted Computer Equipment

Electronic waste accounts for 70 percent of overall toxic waste currently found in landfills. In addition to valuable metals like aluminum, electronics often contain hazardous materials like mercury or lead. By donating your unwanted computer, monitor, typewriter, cellular phone, or laptop you are helping to cut waste going into our landfill. We will evaluate the equipment and if found to be working properly we will donate them back into the community to anyone that may be able to use them.

For more information about Computer Recycling contact:
Raymond Montoya Jr., GIS Specialist
(775) 773.2306 Ext. 317

Please feel free to contact:

Roxanne Ellingson, Environmental Director
(775) 773-2306 ext. 321

Raymond Montoya Jr., GIS Specialist
(775) 773-2306 ext. 317

Nelletta Aguilar, Air Quality Technician
(775) 773-2306 ext. 323