Walker River Housing Department

The Housing Department was established in December, 1964, and is overseen by an Advisory Board which is comprised of five Tribal members with staggered terms. The board members are appointed by the Walker River Paiute Tribal Council. The Tribal Council is comprised of seven Tribal members with staggered terms. That gives the Tribal Council some authority over the Housing Department yet the Housing Department remains autonomous for various legal reasons under the Housing Ordinance which has been amended at various times since the inception. The Housing Department staff numbers seven positions with various responsibilities.

The Walker River Housing Department is a corporation of the Walker River Paiute Tribe. The Housing Department provides services to members of the Walker River Paiute Tribe. The members of the Tribe are descendants of the people who have inhabited what is now called the Walker Lake Basin for thousands of years.

Homes are under one of two programs administered by the Housing Department. The programs are a modified lease purchase program called the mutual help program and a rental program for the lowest income members. In addition, the Housing Department operates programs to renovate existing homes, both under administration of the Housing Department and other homes owned and resided in by Tribal members on the reservation.

Since its beginning the Housing Department has built over 280 units for habitation. The Housing Department currently operates a program providing rental assistance to eligible low income Tribal members attending certain institutions of higher learning.


Walker River Housing Department Staff

Executive Director: Genia Williams
Purchasing Officer/Inventory: Lisa Valdes
Development/Modernization: Glen Roberts
Resident Services: Wilelia Murphy
Receptionist: Brooke Meyer
Housing Assistant: La Reina Jim
Warehouse Clerk 1: Haley Richardson
Warehouse Clerk 2: Charles Quartz
Maintenance Crew: Tommy Allen & Dave McFalls
Force Account Crew Leaders: Michael Lowery & John Goodwin
Force Account Crew: Cameron Birchum, Chance Cortez, Joseph Frank, Randall Jack, Anthony Jones, Vincent Lowery, Francisco Meza Jr., Lyndsey Smokey, and Shane Summerfield


Please feel free to contact:

Walker River Housing Department
PO Box 238
1063 Hospital Road
Schurz, Nevada 89427

Phone: (775) 773-2334
​Fax: (775) 773-2340

Housing Department Website: WRPTHOUSING.COM