Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO)

The Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO) concept began with the idea of economic development through the gainful and meaningful employment of Indian workers. This is accomplished by utilizing the inherent sovereignty of the tribes to develop and enforce a TERO Ordinance which preserves and protects the tribes right to preferential employment, training and business opportunities within the exterior boundaries of the reservation. Utilizing the tribes’ powers of exclusion and existing Federal Indian Laws, the tribes can capture existing opportunities currently available to Indian workers but being monopolized by non-Indians. The concept recognizes tribal employment rights as sovereign and protected, much like water, mineral, hunting and fishing rights.

The application of the TERO approach to economic development at the tribal level will incorporate existing enterprises and business first the development for the new tribal project and industries second. The concept promotes self-sufficiency through sound business practices and techniques.

The Walker River Paiute Tribe is a TERO Tribe. The TERO Office provides support to the Tribe in our efforts to identify, remedy, and eliminate, through Tribal Ordinance, unlawful employment discrimination occurring on or near the reservation. As a sovereign government with all the power and responsibility of any local government, the Walker River Paiute Tribe has TERO laws which affect all employers operating on or near the reservation.

The TERO staff shall recruit, screen, and refer applicants which are qualified for any jobs performed by a company on or near the reservation. The TERO staff is responsible for ensuring that Indian Preference in contracting and subcontracting is practiced. This does not mean that unqualified applicants, employers, or companies will receive preference; rather that any job for which an Indian owned company is qualified, financially and managerially will be given first preference in competitive environment, for any contract or subcontract awarded. Companies will be required to give Indian Preference in subcontracting, which includes actively soliciting bids from Indian owned businesses.

During any work on or near the Walker River Reservation, Indian apprentices must be hired meeting ratio requirements, which is reasonable and negotiated through the TERO Office.


Please feel free to contact:

TERO Office
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Schurz, Nevada 89427

Phone: (775) 773-2816
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TERO Staff:

Virgil Rambeau
TERO Director

Randall Jack
TERO Compliance Officer