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Provide participation and preservation in evaluating the significance of and impact on historic and cultural resources consult and retain records of the consultation. Assist the tribe to carry out its responsibilities for review of federal undertakings that may impact the tribe. Help to preserve and maintain our native languages for generations to come. Create digital language content on all social media platforms to help the language be available to all tribal members who may want to learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each consultations requires a brief overview of the project. Then we determine the best way to move forward based on what type of project and the location. 

Make a report of findings or no findings. if the findings are singnificant enough, they some times can become eligible for National register where they become protected from future potential projects. We are trained and certified for the GIS for mapping and report information that might be available.

Yes, based on the Waiting List Point System.

Absolutely, you can donate cultural items to this department. 

Community Sweat lodges are now available. Just contact 775-316-6311 to get more information in regards to upcoming sweat times.

Yes, we are available for large groups and field trips. However, we must be plan at least 2 weeks in advance to guarantee availability as I conduct many different orders of business, I want to assure proper accommodations are met.

We have a historical archives available for review at the office. We also have a WRPT history book available to check out. We only have one copy so and this is our most checked out book. Check out time is one week. Due to high demand. 

If an artifact is found, you can contact the Cultural Center to determine the best route to take as it depends on what kind of artifact was found and most importantly where. It is best to leave artifacts where they are in most cases, as you never know what energy they may hold.

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Linzey Scott

Tribal Historic Preservation Officer

Email – [email protected]

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4060 Hwy. 95 Schurz, NV 89427

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Phone: 775-316-6311


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From 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.