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Alan Roberts

Public Utilities Coordinator

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The Public Utilities Department is responsible for the management and operation of safe drinking water production and transmission systems. The department ensures that our drinking water meets or exceeds Federal regulations standards as required under the Environmental Protection Agency. The department is responsible for treating and dispose of wastewater for those on the Tribal water and sewer system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wastewater, also known as sewage, is any liquid or solid material that goes down the drain, sink or toilet.

It is based on a monthly flat rate, depending on if the location is on the community sewer system or on a septic system. 

 Public Utilities operates and manages the main and service lines up and to the homes. 

You may contact the Public Utilities Coordinator for immediate assistance (775) 722-0763

You would contact the Tribal Administration offices and complete a work order form at (775) 773-2306 ext. 2304.

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Phone: 775-773-2306 ext. 2335

Emergency: (775) 722-0763


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